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"Great hand and a quick release are a must if you are planning on making it to the NHL and staying here. As a strength coach, I am always looking for ways to improve hand-grip strength of the athletes I work with, along with improving the speed and release of their shot.  The Heavy Metal Hockey stick hits all of the basics for me.  I use it with players during our in-season programs and before games. I cannot wait to use it in our off-season program.

With the results our players have gotten in just a short time using the stick, we will definitley use it in all facets of our off-season program. Whether you are a young player coming up in the game or a seasoned veteran, the Heavy Metal Stick is one tool you want in your tool box."

Kevin S. Ziegler

Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach








"The players in our program have seen dramatic improvements in shot velocity and grip strength using their Heavy Metal Hockey Sticks.  I would recommend this product to any hockey player looking for another way to improve their stick skills."   

Tom Ward, Buffalo Sabres NHL 

former Director of Hockey

 Shattuck St. Mary's Hockey


"It strengthens your arms and hands; after using the stick even for five minutes, the regular stick feels extremely light and the puck handling, as well as the shooting, becomes much easier.

If you are interested in improving your puck handling skills and your shot, and strengthening your arms and hands, the Heavy Metal Hockey Stick is the way to go."

J.P Parise







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