Meet The Team 

Dr. Autumn Cole


It is because of her that we have Senior Spin. To describe Autumn as inspirational doesn't even do her justice. An athlete her entire life, she continues to do triathlons into her late sixties and instructs three spin classes for us a week. In between that all she swims, runs and brightens everyones day.

Carly Beers


With an Associates degree in Therapeutic Recreation and currently working on her bachelors Health Science this young lady is an amazing addition to our team!  Energetic and a form freak, she is rocking our TRX program and will continue to introduce new things to our gym. 

Kelly Noble


Before her day starts as a full time teacher, Kelly is making everyone sweat at 5:30am. As a seasoned athlete and runner, Kelly doesn't do anything the easy way! Lots of kettlebells, weights and functional fitness exercises, it's an ass kicking that you will love and will keep you coming back for more. 

Dr. Crystal Chopp . DDS


Our balls to the walls Spin Instructor. She kicks ass in spin class in the early morning, fixes teeth by day... and then she's run 7 miles. If that's not enough, she's a mom of two with serious abs. Excuses not to workout don't fly with this one. Look for an amazing workout with loud music and a rock out atmosphere in her spin classes.

Shannan Harding


We call her our Athleta model to her back... so don't tell her because she's modest and shy:) Running and (now) spin are her passion, as she juggles motherhood, work and exercise. Shannan's class will put you up and down hills and make you sweat puddles.

Dafne Caruso


Latin blood and a sassy energy sums up our Dafne. A lifetime obsession with weight lifting and spin, her energetic and FUN class will keep you spinning to the beat. You might even catch yourself smiling through your sweat for the entire class.



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Three years of instructing TRX classes and she is hooked. Look for Hybrid classes mixing Wall Workouts and Spin Bikes. Addicted to functional fitness, she prefers body weight exercises and is a form freak. It's all about foam rolling, gaining flexibility and building strength with Michelle. Join a class that will help your body FEEL better.

Kelly Noble

Our "teacher". Super bubbly and always fun to be around

Summer Instructor for Be Active Program

One tough Cookie!

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